ZEROSTAR founded and based in Kakancho Binayak-370, Chhauni Kathmandu Nepal is a privately held subsidiary of KOTO INTERNATIONAL LLC, a US enterprise that provides management solutions and industry services that are customized to fit the unique needs of our clients. Koto Inc., an affiliate of KOTO INTERNATIONAL LLC., has been a driving force to make Japan-based manufacturing of statue products, highly desirable amongst adult consumers. They license from franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics and have an extensive network of intercontinental business resources pertaining to distribution, various facets of manufacturing and logistics services. Growing interest in “Otaku” and “Pop-Culture” movement has become conspicuous in south and south-east Asia as the country has achieved a high economic growth rate in recent years.

General consumers are getting exposed to more Hollywood-made-entertainment, and demand for “Otaku” and “Pop-Culture” merchandise is expected to accelerate. As they have gained their immediate access to these growing market and information, ZEROSTAR feels it is very important to focus on meeting customer expectations by developing its own sales and distribution network with strong customer service capabilities.

The primary mission of ZEROSTAR is to meet the growing demand for high-quality hobby products in south and south-east Asia originated from Japanese as well as other country and top manufacturers from around the world. ZEROSTAR’s focus is not solely on distributing these high-quality Japanese and international goods but also promoting the “Otaku Culture” (or “Pop-Culture”) to the market in south and south-east Asia. United with an excellent customer service capability and utilizing a global network of instantaneous information sharing, ZEROSTAR will be able to react quickly to fluctuations in the market to best serve customers and their needs. Inquiries regarding ZEROSTAR can be sent to info@zerostar.com.np.